Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Give Me Liberty

So I got this can in a lot I bought from California.  Liberty Sport Drink.  "That's neat," I thought as I looked it over.  It appears to be the Golden Gate Bridge under the name.  "That's neat."  After all, I did buy it from California.  And then I turned it around to see what kind of distribution or packaging info I could find and I was surprised.  The back of the can is printed in Japanese!  Well now what? 

I posted pics on a couple of soda can forums but got no response.  I emailed the guy I bought the cans from but he said he collects beer cans and the soda cans he sold to me came with a group of beer cans he bought.  So he didn't know anything about this can.

I have done research on the internets and can't find any information at all about it.  So if anyone out there has ANY information about this can or company, please leave a comment.

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