Sunday, October 9, 2011

America's Turning 7 Up

Guess what?  In addition to the 1976 "United We Stand" 7 Up set, there is a set called "America's Turning 7 Up," which was 7 Up's advertising campaign in 1978-79.

My "America's Turning 7 Up" cans
Each can is individually numbered (1-50) and has a short paragraph about that can's state.  I have only acquired four of the fifty cans in the set so far, and those came from some can lots I bought on eBay before I was even aware the set existed.
Complete set
I got this picture from the internet.  Notice when you stack the cans in order, the white on the cans makes the outline of the 48 contiguous states. 

Add another set to complete to the checklist...

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  1. Have you completed the set of 50 states americas turning 7up yet? Just wondering because I have the whole set. They do have dents and scuffed up some. But would be willing to sell the set if your still interested.