Saturday, October 29, 2011

Can Watch: The Munsters

This Halloween season brought about many new can designs, of which I have found none yet.  A set I just read about on the interwebs is a set of three cans released in 2000 featuring characters from The Munsters TV show. 

The coincidental thing about this find is that I never really watched The Munsters while growing up, so we've been having a Munsters-Marathon at work during our lunch break for the last couple of weeks.

So that makes these cans even that more appealing to me.  For now, I'll add these cans to my wish list and just keep watching the classic television show at work.

* These pics are from the internet


  1. Those are really nice Munsters cans. Thanks for giving me credit for using them on your blog.
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  2. Thanks Mike (who is the co-founder of and contributor to