Monday, May 2, 2011

My First Shorty

I have picked up cans from different towns, even as far as an hour away where I work.  So when I saw a can earlier this evening just two blocks from my house, it gave me the impression that cans were finally coming to me

[side story:  The closest I have found a can to my house was in the alley behind my back yard.  I was at the kitchen sink one morning and I looked out across the yard and there lay a glorious Dr Thunder can glinting in the sunlight.  I quickly grabbed it before anyone else did.]

The kids were with me when I found this evening's can.  The end of it was stuck down in some mud on the side of the road, but I could tell it was a root beer can.  But to my surprise, when I pulled it from the mud, it was a short 8 oz. can.  I knew there were smaller soda cans, but I had never held one before.  So we took the new find home, gave it a good bath, and it was the first of many 8 oz. "stubbies" to come.

Walmart brand root beer

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