Sunday, April 17, 2011


While driving today I found my first movie promotion soda can on the side of the road.  It is a Dr Pepper Thor can.  I went to the Dr Pepper website and found there are six cans in the Thor collection.  How much effort will I put into completing the collection?  I'm not sure.  We don't drink much soda in our household, so I doubt we'll be buying the cans.  And how hard will it be to find them all in this area?  Do they only release certain cans in certain parts of the country to make it hard to collect?  Only time will tell.

Thor - Warriors III - Sif

June 20 Update - I just received the sixth can in my Thor collection, I am finished with that!  Here's how the collection process went:

* Can 1, April 17 - Thor (Dr Pepper) - I found it on the side of the road
* Can 2, April 30 - The Warriors III (Diet Dr Pepper) - I found it on the side of the road
* Can 3, May 21 - Sif (Diet Dr Pepper) - An antique shop we visited had a fridge with sodas for sale, I saw the Sif can which I didn't have yet and paid $.75 for it
* Can 4, May 31 - The Destroyer (Dr Pepper) - I found it a block from my house on the side of the road
* Can 5, June 11 - Loki (Cherry Dr Pepper) - I made an eBay purchase where I got to pick which 24 cans I wanted from the seller's collection, so this is one of the cans I chose
* Can 6, June 20 - Heimdall (Cherry Diet Dr Pepper) - That same eBay seller finally put a Heimdall can up for sale, so I bought it from him to complete my collection

The Destroyer - Loki - Heimdall

Whew!  Although I didn't put a whole lot of effort into completing the collection, I'm not interested in trying to complete another movie tie-in any time soon.  Oh wait, I just bought the first Captain America can two days ago.  Here we go again...

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