Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DEWmocracy 2


DEWmocracy was a marketing campaign by Pepsi to let their consumers vote on what the next Mountain Dew flavor would be.  The first campaign ended in August of 2008 with Voltage as the winner.  The second campaign launched in 2009 with a tour of 17 American cities where people could taste many new flavors of Mtn Dew.  After the tour, the three favorite flavors were given descriptions, colors, names and eventually can designs by Dew fan artists (whose names appear on the contest cans.)

On April 19, 2010, the three finalists were released to the public and people could vote for their favorite nominee on the website through mid June 2010.

The candidates were:
  1. Distortion - "Lime Blasted Dew"
  2. Typhoon - "Punch of Tropical Dew"
  3. White Out - "Smooth Citrus Dew"

The winning flavor, White Out, was announced immediately after voting was closed.  Typhoon came in second with Distortion bringing up the rear.  

"The Winner" can design
Post-contest can design

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