Monday, February 3, 2014

Clinton Cola

Two days ago, I took a road trip to check out some flea markets and antique shops in my area.  Just when I thought I was going to go home without any new cans, I visited this store:

It looked like an unlikely place to find any treasures, but in the first room I saw a 1996 Clinton Cola perched on a shelf.

Clinton Cola
Someone in my area has had a Clinton Cola can on Craigslist for a long time asking $10.  So I grabbed this one with its $2 price tag and checked out.  And what do you know?  On Saturdays everything is 10% off.  So it was even more of a bargain at $1.80.

One other detail is the can was still full.  Many people will leave cans full thinking it increases their value.  The only benefit from buying a full can is I get to choose how to drain it.  So when I got home I nailed a couple of small holes on the bottom and watched the 18 year old soda run into the sink.  Of course I was tempted to taste it...  but I didn't.  The cost of Pepto-Bismol and TUMS would have negated the $.20 I saved. 


  1. I have a case of Clinton Soda Bank cans.Does anyone know what they may be worth??