Saturday, February 8, 2014

Canadian Coca-Cola Can

I recently received this Coca-Cola can from Canada.  At first glance, I noticed it looks similar to the polar bear cans that have been released in the US in recent years.  But looking closer I saw a few things of interest.

Did you know?
First, right on the front is a "Did you know?" section that reads:
            Coca-Cola Canada is contributing $2 million over five years to WWF 
            polar bear conservation efforts.
It also lists a website where you can pledge your support.

WWF logo
Second, there's a sweet WWF panda logo on the side of the can.

And third, this is the first time I've ever seen this on a can.  It says to "empty contents if kept as collectible can."  I have received several emails from readers asking if they should drain their cans or leave them full.  I always recommend draining them.  And now that advice somehow feels "official" since a worldwide soda manufacturer suggests the same thing.

I noticed one final thing...  Canada's Coca-Cola has 160 calories whereas the US version has 140.