Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fitz's Root Beer

Last month I was with a friend checking out some shops in the Delmar Loop in St. Louis.  I've always heard of Fitz's but didn't know where it was.  Well, it's on Delmar.

Fitz's has been around since 1947.  They are a restaurant and shop.  But most importantly they make, bottle and sell their own root beer.  As we walked past it, I jokingly said I would go inside if they sold cans.  We both knew they only sell bottles.

Side note:  I still have quite a few boxes of soda cans I haven't even seen yet.  As I get time, I pull out another batch of 40 or 50 cans, clean them up and add them to my collection website.  As I cleaned up a batch last week, what do you think I found?

Three Fitz's root beer cans!  Even though they just sell bottles now, at one point they did sell cans.  Two of the cans are steel and one aluminum.

And who knows?  I may even have more Fitz's cans.  I'll update this post if I do...

1/28/14 Update -  I found one more Fitz's can in my collection over the weekend.  This looks to be a newer design although I haven't been able to track down a year yet.  I looked through all the remaining cans and this is truly the last one I have.

For now...