Monday, January 13, 2014

2013 Coca-Cola Holiday Cans

#1 Sakari and Kaia
#2 Jak and Zook
A couple of months ago I saw a polar bear Coca-Cola can at work.  That's this year's holiday can, I told myself.  So I brought it home and added it to my collection.

About a week ago, someone saved a Coca-Cola polar bear can for me.  I didn't tell them I already had one, so I said thanks and brought it home.  I wanted to see which can was in better condition, so I set them next to each other and that's when I noticed they were different!  Oh boy, a whole series of holiday cans?  I jumped online and saw there were three different designs.  I needed one more, but Christmas was over.

Today I read about two new flavors of Mountain Dew Kickstart that released today (watch for an upcoming post about those).  So I stopped by the local Dollar General on my way home from work but they didn't have the new Kickstarts yet.  So I cruised down the can aisle and that's when I saw it... the third polar bear can. 

#3 Jak and Kaskae
Each can features two polar bears from the 2013 Coca-Cola Polar Bears film produced by Ridley Scott.  Who knew?  I hadn't even heard of this.  I guess I would have had I been drinking Coca-Cola through the holiday season.

There were other holiday Coke cans, such as Diet Coke, Coke Zero and a 16 oz Coca-Cola, but it's the main Coca-Cola cans that I'm interested in.  I've got the Diet Coke snowflake can.  And if I stumble upon the others I won't complain.  

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