Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cans from Students - Part 1

I know a teacher who mentioned my can collection to her students.  This is the story of a student bringing a can to school for my collection.

One of the students is from Colombia, South America.  She said her dad visited Colombia and brought back some Colombian soda.  When asked about the cans, she brought a full one to school and gave it to the teacher to give to me.  Presenting, the Ambassador...

When the teacher gave it to me, she said she wanted to taste it when I drained the can.  So last week a small group of us gathered 'round the can and I poured each of us a few swallows.  It was reddish in color and tasted like a cross between cream soda and bubble gum.  Whatever "Colombian style cola champagne" means, it sure tastes good!!

You never know where your next can will come from...


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    1. Thanks! Tune in next Saturday to hear the tale of another student...

  2. For sure man, you know i will. Heh