Thursday, January 2, 2014

First Can of 2014

No new cans came my way yesterday.  But today, the second day of 2014, this beauty found me by way of a co-worker:

The Peace Tea website says this about Sno-Berry: 

Are you ready for an enchanting lifestyle in Arctic conditions under the Northern Lights?  Sno-Berry brings you there, complete with calming campfires, abundant fishing, Iditarod’s and igloo-living. After all, the Inuits are “the people” of Alaska and will welcome you with open arms and teach you their native language, Inuktitut. What are you waiting for?

An appropriate can to go with the chilling temperatures outside.  So now I wonder... what's going to be my second can of 2014?


  1. Hey man your back!!, that is awesome welcome back.