Monday, May 27, 2013

Cans with Pizzazz

Last week I received a package of cans from a fellow collector out East.

 I really like these cans.  The colors are so vivid and the pattern is so funky.  The brand name really is a good descriptor of the can design... Pizzazz.

(As usual, seltzer is the boring flavor, haha)

Thanks, Steve!


  1. Wow, your Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper clone collections are gradually getting bigger! Keep it up.


    1. Yes they are getting bigger, and I'm not even focused on clones really. I may have to set up a separate section of my collection dedicated just to clones now that I've got a few. Just what I need, more work...

    2. Those are cool! I like the ones that say pizzazz lol sweet deal man.

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