Saturday, January 14, 2012

My First Coconut Water

While doing a little research into the beverage industry last summer to get some kind of scope on the variety of cans that are on the market, I kept seeing one "style" of drink in particular over and over.  It was coconut water.

It really does seem like coconut water was/is a fad.  Since then, I've noticed drinks with aloe becoming popular (the next fad?).  But I was interested in what coconut water was like.  A lot of people raved about the taste and the health benefits.  The problem was I couldn't find any in a can.  A lot of the brands come in those squarish tetra packs or in bottles.  And if I was going to try something new I wanted a can for my collection to show for it!  And then at Big Lots earlier this week I found the above can of Siboney coconut water for $.70.

"chunky" water

Earlier this evening I poured it into a glass and knew I wasn't going to like it... I hadn't noticed the "with pulp" printed on the label.  Coconut flavor is ok, but I don't like physical coconut in my mouth.  But I tried it anyway.  It was about as unpleasant for me as a drink can be.  Whatever taste there may have been was overshadowed by the small chunks floating around in my mouth.  I was done with that!

I may try coconut water again some day (after enough time has passed to forget this experience) but it will have to be a brand WITHOUT PULP. 

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