Thursday, January 19, 2012

1994 Pepsi Holiday Party Bunch

I'm in dangerous territory.  I bought something for my collection that goes beyond "just cans."  But this was too cool to pass up!

In 1994, Pepsi released this Pepsi Holiday Party Bunch truck display.  The sides of the truck, while in the upright position, show the delivery guys having a good ol' time in front of some of the collectible holiday cans. 

When the sides are folded down, each side displays four different cans.  The ninth can is located in the rear of the truck.

There are four Pepsi cans, two Diet Pepsi cans, one Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi can, one Mountain Dew can, and one Diet Mountain Dew can.
All of the cans are air filled, meaning they are sealed but never had any soda in them.  Store displays are usually air filled cans. 
I can't wait to see the eye rolls from my wife on this one...

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  1. Hello can collector,

    I've got a pristine Pepsi can collection, perhaps 300 different cans. There are some in your collection that I don't have, but most I do. Though we have some of the same cans, all of mine are in perfect condition and are unopened. Each can has been emptied by putting a small nail-size hole in the bottom of the can.

    I'm looking to sell my collection. I've been collecting since the late 80's and am ready to get rid of it. If you're interested please let me know.

    Dan R Morris