Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Coca-Cola 2011 Holiday Can Set: Complete

Over the last few months, I acquired the 7.5oz "Stay Extraordinary" Diet Coke can.  I also got one of the infamous white "Arctic Home" Coca-Cola cans.  And when the red "Arctic Home" cans replaced the white, I got one of those.  And my sister gave me a holiday themed Diet Coke can on Thanksgiving.

Why am I mentioning these particular acquisitions?  Because a couple of weeks ago I found a press release online from Coca-Cola showing the five cans they considered to be in their 2011 Holiday Collection.  And it was the four cans I previously mentioned, plus the 7.5oz white "Arctic Home" can.

The problem was, by the time I realized I had 4 of the 5 cans, I couldn't find the 5th can!  It was last week that I seriously began hunting for the elusive 7.5oz polar bear can.  I had seen them plenty of times throughout November and December, but now that I wanted one they had all gone away to hibernate.  Once the white cans were discontinued, the grocery stores didn't replace their stock of the cans when they sold out.

But alas, on the way home from work last night, I tried a smaller grocery store in a small town and they had ONE 8-pack left!  I grabbed it, didn't even look at the price, and raced home to complete the collection.  And with that, here are the five Coca-Cola 2011 Holiday Cans...


  1. You're missing the Coke Zero Holiday can :)

    1. I did a quick search and you're right. There was a Coke Zero 2011 holiday can. I was basing my post on a .PDF I had downloaded from Coke back in Nov or Dec, but I guess their press release was incomplete.

      So my next question is: does anyone have the can I'm missing? :p