Monday, August 8, 2011

Not For City Boys

Blaze Orange
On my way home from work today, a blaze orange object near the edge of someone's yard caught my eye.  As I passed by I noticed it was in the shape of a can/bottle.  A quick mental inventory of my collection told me I had nothing this color at home and should circle around for a second look.  Was it crazy packaging for an alcoholic drink?  Or was it even a drink at all?

I stopped on the side of the road and darted the 20' or so into the yard to grab the item.  It was a metal bottle.  After I was back in the car and safely away, I examined the bottle to find it was an energy drink called Team Realtree Outdoor Energy.  This particular "flavor" was called Blaze Orange.  I love discovering brands I don't know exist, such as my discovery of Marley's Mellow Mood last month.

The Team Realtree website has a photo section showing hunters with the deer they've bagged and other outdoor activities.  It also claims right up front "Not For City Boys."  There are four flavors available: Low Carb Cream Soda, AP, White Buck and Blaze Orange. 

So while the "country boys" are out hunting their deer and other wild game, I'll be hunting the other three flavors of this manly energy drink.

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