Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Can Watch: Dr Pepper Ten

Dr Pepper Ten
I heard about this a while back, but I thought I would give it time to make it to my area before I started to look for it.  So now I am watching for Dr Pepper's new product, Dr Pepper Ten.  It is a hybrid drink that's supposed to have low calories (like Diet Dr Pepper) but the same taste as regular Dr Pepper.  Each can has only ten calories.  Get it?

Dr Pepper is marketing it for men, claiming the drink is "not for women."  They hope to get a firm foothold on the middle-age male market for low-calorie sodas. 

For more information, you can read the article Time published about it here.

The above picture is not mine, I found it on the world-wide interwebs.

From my collection

December 28 update - I met up with a friend from high school last night.  We hadn't seen each other for over ten years.  He drove here from Wisconsin.  When I got in his car and we pulled away, I heard a familiar sound rolling around in his back floorboard.  I reached back and pulled up this Dr Pepper Ten can.  I told him about my cans and he graciously donated it to my collection.  Maybe he could box up some other cans from Wisconsin and ship them to me... 

Thanks Joe

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