Saturday, August 27, 2011

Current Excitement: Arabic Cans

I'm close to sealing a deal with a fellow collector who is currently visiting the Middle East.  He put out an offer to send Arabian cans back to the United States.  So I jumped on that offer.

These are some of the soda cans he has.  He also has at least this many non-alcoholic malt beverage cans.  Since those contain no alcohol, they technically fall within the guidelines of cans I collect.  So I told him I'm interested in everything he has.

Barring any jaw-dropping shipping charges, we'll be sealing this deal soon.  I'll be sure to write a follow-up post whether I get the set or not. 


  1. Hi, im wondering as a can expert, if you would have any ideas which can they may be referring to in this news story:

    looking around the web, the cans shown in the picture above (bottom left) are the closest i can find. any other ideas ??

    I'll come back to check on further replies on this page later, thanks !

    1. Hi Steven,

      Interesting story. First they said "bomb" was written on a note attached to the can, then they said the word was printed on the can. I found a couple of brands with the word "bomb" in them but they are written in English and are clearly a brand name (Bomba from Hungary and Vanilla Bomb cream soda). As far as foreign writing that would look like the word "bomb" I have no idea. I could see another language looking like English words, such as the black Coke Zero can from the UAE in the pic above. At first I thought it said "Vess" which is a local brand here in the Midwest, but it's Arabic for Coke. If I turn up any other information I'll post it here...

  2. I've got what appears to be an Arabic Canada Dry Tonic Water can, with old style pull top. Unopened. You want it?