Saturday, December 26, 2015

Instant Snow in a Can

I like an occasional gimmicky can that's not a soda can.  And the kids gave me something for Christmas I've never seen before.  It's instant snow in a can.

I noticed right away it had English and French print.  Wow, an import :)  The directions say to put the contents of the can (which rattles around in the can like a sugar cube) into a container, add water, and you get something that looks and feels like real snow.

The can is about the size of an 8oz shorty here in the USA.  On the back of the can I saw it comes from Canada.  Yep, that explains the French.  But the weirdest thing about the whole can is the fact that there is a pull tab on the top which removes the entire lid (like a can of pudding), yet on the bottom there is another tab that looks like the top of a soda can.

The kids were excited to open it and try out the snow.  But I had to deny them that joy, this thing is going in my collection.  Unopened.

Merry Christmas

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