Sunday, January 10, 2016

This Week's New Cans

No crazy stories this week.  No weird cans.  Nobody looking at me like I'm crazy.  Well, maybe.  But here are a few cans that found their way to me.

The holidays cans continue to trickle in.  I had a regular Coca-Cola version of the "Naughty or Nice" can and now I have the Diet Coke version too.

Speaking of Coca-Cola, this new football can showed up at work.  I like how the stitches are Coke bottles.

I can't mention Coke without mentioning Pepsi.  Also at work, I found this Diet Pepsi can with the information "Now Aspartame Free" written above the logo.  

At Walmart yesterday, I found this Mad Max Rockstar can.  It's a promotion for the Mad Max Fury Road video game, which I have yet to check out.  I've been too busy dealing with cans.  haha