Sunday, December 13, 2015

Cranberry Sprite Zero

A couple at church had driven to Texas and back last week.  Their daughter, who lives here, had mentioned how she likes Sprite Zero Cranberry but she hasn't been able to find it in our area yet.  So the couple stopped at several Walmarts on their way back from Texas until they finally found it.  They bought several 12-packs, some for them and some for their daughter.

As they were finishing that story at church this morning, he looked at me and said he'd save one of the cans for me.  He came by this afternoon with this one.  It's a nice, clean design.

I asked how it tasted and he said the cranberry flavor was a bit milder than he expected.  He said he'll bring me a full one to church next week.  Awesome.  Taste-test inbound...

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