Saturday, March 21, 2015

Flea Market Fonz

Third weekend of the month.  Temperatures hit the 70's.  I could hear a distant call of soda cans beckoning me.  My family headed to the flea market this morning.  And boy was it crowded!

I saw a few booths with beer cans and an occasional lone soda can that I already have.  And then my mom called me and said she found a table with soda cans.  So I made my way through the crowd to the table and saw about twenty steel soda cans for $.50 each.  Nice.  

The seller was impressed when I whipped out my phone to check my collection website.  I said with nearly 4,000 cans, it's hard to remember what I have and don't have.  After a good look, he had two I didn't have.

The Fonz
In the end, I walked away with this straight steel Nehi strawberry soda can from 1978.  It's the Fonz, can #17 of the 35-can "Happy Days" set, series 1.  There are a lot of Happy Days cans and I haven't put any effort into collecting them yet.  In fact, the only other one I had until now was the #24 Howard Cunningham fruit punch can.  

The other can I bought was a straight steel Staff diet root beer can.  And I learned a bit of trivia when I bought it.  My mom said Schnucks (a local grocery store) sold Staff soda back in the 70's when she worked there.  Nice connection!  I have quite a Staff collection started, this being my 26th steel Staff can.

Overall, not bad for $1.  

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