Saturday, March 28, 2015

Cans in the Shoppes

I spent today in an area I've never been before.  It consisted of a 1.5 mile long street full of ol' time shoppes and vendors.  Lots of shoppes.  Lots of vendors.  And lots of cans.  BUT...

Good price, but all beer cans.  Except one Coca-Cola can which I already have.

RC soda cans, but I wasn't sure which ones I have and don't have.  And they cost too much $ for me to be guessing.

Three trays of beer cans, one tray of soda cans.  Unfortunately, all the Vess soda cans were the same.  And I already have it.

All beer.

All beer.

I wasn't about to go home empty-handed.  I stopped by Target and found the two newest flavors of Red Bull (orange and wild cherry).  I also picked up a Vitamin Water can I didn't have.

I had set a goal this morning of coming home with at least one new can.  It's nice to achieve goals.  One way or another.


  1. Nice!, At least you found a few somewhere ells.

  2. By the way I you still doing website pick of the month still?.

    1. Things got busy last fall and then the holidays hit, so I haven't had as much time for cans in the last few months. I quit doing the website pick but maybe I'll start it up again this year. I'm sure there are plenty more websites to talk about :)

  3. Nice Red Bull cans... hopefully Australia gets them soon enough.. only "Edition" Red Bull cans we have had so far are Red, Blue & Platinum