Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What's in a Name?

Ok, they got me!

I would have never bought a Coca-Cola at Walmart tonight... if they hadn't put a bottle with my name on it in the check-out aisle.  I heard about this "Share A Coke" campaign a couple of months ago and started seeing the bottles and cans a few weeks ago.  

The bottles are the ones with names.  The cans have "nicknames" on them.  Yesterday someone saved a couple cans for me, so these were my first two name cans:


Today I had a couple more people text to tell me they were watching for name cans for me.  I don't know how many different cans there are, but I'll update this post every time I get a new one.  We'll see how many I can score in the upcoming weeks.

07/18/2014 Update - I found this Buddy on the side of the road.  "Never pick up hitchhikers," but this one I couldn't resist.

07/19/2014 Update - I saw this lying in a parking lot.  A sad thing indeed.  So now I know there is a can with "Legend" on it.  For those wondering, I did not bring this one home for my collection.

07/21/2014 Update - I visited a friend this evening who had saved six cans for me.  Nice!  "But you already have Buddy, Friend and BFF."  Yes, but the ones I got tonight each have a Six Flags coupon ad on it, making them different than the plain ones I had before.

Keep 'em coming...

07/30/2014 Update - Last night a friend dropped off a bag of Coca-Cola cans on my front porch.

After going through them, I found the three cans below that I didn't have.  I already had the version of each can with the Six Flags ad, but not the plain can.  So now I have the plain ones.

I keep seeing the same nicknames over and over, so I may have them all as of now for my area.  Sometimes new batches will come through a little later, so that's what I'll be watching for.

08/16/2014 Update - Last night I got my first Diet Coke nickname can.  And appropriately enough, it was given to me by my dad.


  1. Yup we get the same idea aswell heer in canada!

  2. We had this in Australia back in 2011 aswell
    At the start of 2011 we had a 10 can share a coke series come out with things like Mum Dad Bro Sis Mate etc... then middle of the year along came bottles with names on them.. about 100 different names/bottles.
    Then come Xmas 2011 another 10 can share a coke series.. with santa + reindeer names..

    Then in 2012 Coke put out a vote online with another 100 names chosen to be made into bottles.

    Then think it was 2013 possibly early 2014, we had a huge can set released with a different year printed on each can

    1. I didn't know Coke started the name cans outside of the US a few years ago. Last year was the first year here. Thanks for the info.

    2. Yup quite a few countries have had the names.. apparently the Brazil names is the largest collection coke has released yet.

      This is the Australia 2011 Name series

      Plus ontop of these cans were bottles with peoples names on them

      The Australian 2011 Xmas Name Series

      And the Aus 2012 "share a coke and a song" year collection

      This series had years spanning from 1938-2012

      (None of these photos belong to me and belong to http://www.davideandreani.com/ )