Saturday, July 12, 2014

Red Bull Summer Edition

Last month I read about a special Summer Edition of Red Bull that would be available exclusively at 7-Eleven stores only during July and August.  July's almost half over, it was time to start looking.

Yesterday at work I did a quick Google Maps search that showed the 7-Elevens in my area were quite a bit off my commute route.  Fortunately, we have a delivery driver whose daily route takes him all over the place. So I sent him a quick text asking him to watch for 7-Elevens on his route.

He returned with the golden tropical flavored Red Bull.  This is the first Red Bull special edition since last year's Red, Silver and Blue Editions.  The Summer Edition is in a 12oz slim can, a little bigger than last year's 8.4oz cans.

While he was there he asked if I had the Red, Silver and Blue cans.  I only had the Blue.  So he picked up the Red and Silver for me too.  So now I can sit back and wait for the next special edition to come out...

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