Saturday, May 31, 2014

Holy Cow!

I was perusing the multitudes of beer cans at an antique store today, wishing all those people had chosen soda instead of beer to drink/collect when I stumbled upon an orange can locked inside a glass display case.  The price tag was turned around so I couldn't see how much it was.  Usually items in a locked cabinet with their price tags backwards means a lot of $$$.  So I asked a worker to check on it for me.  She pulled it out and I was waiting for the $15 or more price when she said $2.  I said, "Holy cow!" haha, but she didn't laugh.  I said I'd take it.

When a different lady checked it out at the register, she mentioned that cabinet had 30% off, to which I said, "Holy cow!"  She didn't laugh either.  $1.52 with tax.  Not bad. 

At the store, I just wanted the can.  I figured I could explore its details later.  So after I got home and took a couple pics, I realized it was Harry Caray's picture and autograph on the can and looked it up on the internet.  Back in 1988, Vess (a St Louis-based soda) signed Harry Caray to this soda deal.  The Harry Caray line consisted of cola, orange, lemon-lime, root beer, creme and a diet cola. 

This is a nice local treasure I stumbled upon today.  The can is far from mint condition, but at least Harry Caray now has a presence in my collection.  And that's what matters most. 

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