Saturday, March 1, 2014

Website Pick #2: Cans In The Basement

On the first of every month I will feature one of my favorite can websites.  
Please send an email if you have a website for consideration.
In January I was contacted by a fellow can collector here in the United States.  He said he'd been following my blog for a while and told me about his collection and blog.  He began the blog in February 2013 and posted ninety-three articles by the end of the year.  He's off to a good start this year too.

He told me he started the blog as a way to keep himself motivated to collect.  And I shared with him that reading about other people's collections motivates me to continue my collection and websites.  Not only does he have posts about cans in his collection, but he takes the time to do research and offers good soda-related facts and current news from the beverage industry.

He saw my page of trade cans and told me about some of the brands he had for trade.  Before long we made our first trade by mail (which was his first trade ever).  

I highly recommend you follow his informative and entertaining blog.  And if you hadn't stumbled upon it yet, then get comfortable and hang the "Do not disturb" sign on your door because there is a lot of reading there for you to catch up on. 


  1. cool stuff well sed, I have another website consideration to shaer with ya! it's calld A GUIDE TO SODA CANS ,its another cool site i like aswell.

    1. Thanks! You know, I've had a couple of people mention, I might have to make it a pick later this year.