Saturday, March 15, 2014

Souvenirs from Brazil

Years ago, I went to a different church than the one I attend now.  At the previous church was a lady from Brazil.  She would occasionally visit her family in Brazil.  One time she brought my kids t-shirts from there.  But on her most recent visit, she returned with a different kind of souvenir.


She found out about my can collection and brought the above two cans back for me.  The language is Portuguese.

The first can is Guarana Antarctica, a very popular brand of soda down there.  And as a bonus, the can is still full!  So I will be doing a taste test soon and I'll update this post with the results.

The second can is Coca-Cola.  I apologize to anyone who speaks Portuguese if these translations aren't correct, but according to an online translator:

     Compartilhe = "Share"
     Felicidade = an expression of well-wishing
     A magia esta em voce = "The magic is in you"

My favorite part of the Guarana can is its barcode.  It looks like a little garden.

Overall, it's a couple of great cans from a South American country I didn't have cans from yet.

Thanks, Frieda!