Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dusty, the Delta Air Lion

I stumbled upon a purple can in my collection called Pawberry Punch.  The lion's face is labeled "Dusty", the Delta Air Lion.  The copyright date on the 11.5 oz can is 1989.  It was distributed by Campbell Soup.  And so I began my research into Dusty and his marketing blitz.

This was the 100% juice drink served to kids in the 80's and 90's on Delta flights and in their airport play areas called Dusty's Dens.  I also found a large inflatable Dusty toy/display online.  And here's an article from 1992 talking about Dusty visiting a local hospital.  Currently, there are various Dusty stuffed animals from the 90's listed on eBay.  I also found pictures of Dusty patches and buttons.

So how is it I had never heard of Dusty until this week?  Because I usually fly Southwest.


  1. Cool post, I never hrd of such thing, cool can thow

  2. I'm a flight attendant for Delta and used to serve them. Loved by children and business men & women. Wish I had kept some for my own collections...

    1. Thanks for the post. You never know when you should keep something or let it go. There are plenty of things I wish I kept.