Monday, July 29, 2013

Some Advice

For those who collect cans and heavily rely on friends and family to donate their cans to you, stick around for some advice near the end of this post.  But first, a little story...

On July 5th, my family went to a local fireworks display.  There were cars and trucks parked all over the fields watching the fireworks explode high in the sky across the nearby lake.  We happened to park next to the truck of a family of one of my daughter's friends from school.  So our kids spent the evening in their friends' truck bed.

At one point my kids mentioned I had a can collection.  So her friend dug around in the back of the truck bed and brought a dirty, dented Pepsi can over to me and said I could have it for my collection.  I didn't want to tell him his can was nothing but trash, so I took it and said thanks.  Soon he brought me another damaged can he found.  I already had that one too, but I happily took it from him.  This happened a couple more times before the fireworks finally started.  Here's my take from the fireworks night:

And who knows?  Next time we're around them he may have a can I really do need.  So the lesson I learned a couple of years ago is this:  if someone brings you a can you already have, act excited and appreciative and say you'll check to see if it's one you need.  People like to feel like they are helping out.  Plus, they'll be more willing to keep watching for cans for you.  If you immediately tell them you've got it, they'll be discouraged and possibly give up their search for cans for you.

Class dismissed.

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