Monday, July 15, 2013

Road Trip

I went on a short road trip Saturday and documented a few soda-related items.  So here they are...

Our first stop was Fort Massac in Metropolis, IL.  Originally built by the French in 1757, the fort has been abandoned, burned down, rebuilt, taken apart, rebuilt, restored, etc. many times over.  Well, I unearthed what I believe to be a colonial-era Dr Pepper can.  It was beyond repair, so I left the artifact in its place at the fort.

Our next stop was also in Metropolis... the Superman Museum!  On the side of the building I found two Pepsi machines bearing the Superman logo on their fronts.  I forgot to look for a Superman can inside the gift shop, but if they had one there I know it would have cost more than I was willing to spend.

After leaving Metropolis, we crossed the Ohio River into Paducah, KY,
to check out the riverfront and some antique stores.  The only can I found was this San Miguel non-alcoholic malt beverage from Metro Manila, Philippines.  I'm not sure why the back of the can is written in some Middle Eastern language. 

Overall, it was a long day without much can interaction.  But that's ok.  At least I was able to squeeze a blog post out of it   [smiley]

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