Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Box of Foreign Cans

I got a box in the mail today from the Netherlands.  What could possibly be in a box from the Netherlands?  CANS.

This is a variety pack of cans from several different countries, including France, Belgium, Netherlands, Trinidad and a few more I'm still trying to figure out.


By the way, if you are looking for information about American cans or are interested in checking out designs of foreign (non-American) cans, check out the can database at  And if you are a collector who takes pictures of your cans, you can upload pics of cans they don't have yet and be a part of the community there. 

Why the big advertisement for that website?  It's a website I appreciate and constantly use to look up dates and variations of cans in my collection.  So I feel a little credit is due.

Thanks, Richard!


  1. cool stuff, I achily have that site save undr my bookmarks on the comp so yeah! i do th same thig lol.

    1. Yeah it's a great site. When I was starting my collection and found the site, it almost killed my motivation because I knew I'd never have a collection that big. Then I found out many people contribute to that site. Then I continued with my own collection once I realized they were two different types of collections.