Saturday, February 16, 2013

Comin' and Goin'

Howdy!  Today's post is a short one.  It's a can design I've liked for quite a while.  The soda is Sioux City Sarsaparilla (made by White Rock) and is still sold today.  This particular straight steel pull-top can dates back to the 1970's.  Here you can see the front and back of the can.




  1. Where is this soda sold? Did you just get it or are you profiling it as part of your collection?

    1. This particular can is in my collection. I wanted to share pics of it with those who may not have seen it before. As far as where the soda is sold, I'm not sure which part of the country has it. If you go to White Rock's website, you can select the Sioux City brand, submit your info and they'll email you info on its availability. You can also buy it thru and other websites that sell soda.