Thursday, December 27, 2012

Roundy's Round-Up

A year ago I did a post about a friend coming down from Wisconsin to hang out.  I was able to snag a Dr Pepper Ten from the floorboard of his car.  At the time he said he could get together a box of cans from his area for me.

This afternoon I got a text from him that he was in town again and he had a present for me...

He came by this evening with a box full of different flavors of Roundy's.  He got them from a chain of stores called Pick 'n Save (which I'd never heard of before).  And the best part, the cans are still full.  So I've got a lot of taste-testing ahead of me.

Thanks again Joe!!!


  1. Hello, I had a question about can collecting. Does it destroy the value of the can if you open it? And if you don't open it, is it safe (value-wise) to drain the contents by making a small hole in the bottom? Keeping the soda in the can will destroy the can, correct?

    Thanks if you can help! :)

  2. Collectors do prefer the can to be drained. I've heard stories about how full cans can somehow leak after years and make a mess or ruin a collection. The easiest way is to make two holes in the bottom of the can, one for air to go in and one for soda to come out. There are trickier ways of draining a can by turning the tab and poking a small hole, draining it, then return the tab to its original position to hide the hole. And some collectors don't mind if the can is opened the normal way with the tab. Regardless of which method a collector prefers, we all do prefer them to be emptied.