Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Can from the River

Last weekend I spent a couple of days at a local convention.  While there I decided to visit a statue that overlooks one of the rivers.  It was one of those local touristy things I had never done.

A few months ago we had a lot of rain.  It was historic flooding that almost prevented me from even being able to get to work.  But all the waters returned to their normal levels and most places were quickly cleaned up of all the silt, mud, and driftwood.  But not the site of this statue.

Above is a pic showing some of the trees and silt still along the riverbank.  The park service has mostly cleared the concrete walkway to the statue so people can get to it, but the statue still has some muddy patches and some logs in the way.
Along the walkway I noticed a few crushed, muddy cans out in the dirt but they were all beer cans.  Until I saw this one.  I walked out to it and found a Sunkist can.  And it was a design that didn't look familiar to me.

So I loosed it from the dirt and took a pic of it.  Its outside was muddy, but I could wash it.  The inside was about 75% packed with dirt and silt, but I could clean that out.  And the can was dented, which I've had success with repairing.  So I brought the can home.
Cleaning the outside was easy.  I used the hose outside to clean it off.  The caked dirt inside was a little tougher.  I would fill the can about halfway and swish the can for 10-15 seconds to loosen some of the dirt and then pour out the mud.  It was slowly chiseling away at the dirt.  After about twenty of these "cleansings", the inside was clean.  I brought the can inside and used an old toothbrush to scrub off the remaining dirt from the outside and my special tool to pop out the dents from the inside and the result is a new can for my collection.

It isn't one of the better-looking cans in my collection, but it has one of the better stories.

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