Saturday, July 29, 2017

Dr Pepper Summer

I got home from work on Thursday and there was a package on my front porch.  I knew what it was and couldn't wait to open it.

A fellow can collector and I have been trying to track down the newest Dr Pepper can designs.  I found a couple of different ones in my area, but he had more success.  So he offered to send a bottom-opened can of each to me (the ones I had were top-opened).  

So I opened the box and checked out each can.  As a bonus, there was a Dr Thunder design I didn't have yet.

As in the business world, networking also helps in the hobby world.  Especially in a hobby such as this where different parts of the country, and world, have can designs unique to their area.  I've also received many cool cans from Canada from a collector up there.  

So it's a good idea to build a contact list of traders.  You never know where that can you so desperately need may show up.

Thanks again, G!!!

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