Saturday, April 16, 2016


I got a text a few days ago from someone showing me the can of 1893 they just bought.  At a quick glance, it almost looked like a drink with alcohol.  Then I noticed the Pepsi logo and replied, "I'll take it."

So I got the empty can from them yesterday.  I wasn't able to try it but I am curious as to what it tastes like.  Apparently this was some big mystery drink Pepsi's been eluding to for a while that would change the taste of soda forever.  

I don't think the taste is quite that powerful, but from what I've read online it does have a slightly different taste.  The color and smell are like regular Pepsi, but it doesn't have as much carbonation.  The two main flavor points are it's made with kola nut extract and real sugar.  

But I'm still not sure why it's called 1893.

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