Saturday, August 15, 2015

HoJo Can #1

While out and about on a short roadtrip today, I visited a few antique stores and flea markets (as usual).  I saw a lot of soda bottles and beer cans (as usual), but only one soda can.  Can you find it in the picture on the right?

A Howard Johnson's restaurant

When I was real young, there was a Howard Johnson's restaurant near where we lived.  The building looked so different and the orange/blue motif caught my eye every time we drove past it.  A few years ago I learned that Howard Johnson's had their own line of soda back in the 1970's.  I instantly fell in love with the orange/blue retro design of the logo on the cans.  

A Howard Johnson's can
And then a couple of years ago I entered a bidding war on eBay for a set of Howard Johnson's cans.  After some intense key pressing, I was unfortunately outbid.  

But today I finally found a HoJo can out in the wild.  I hesitated to buy it because what if I find another set for sale and end up with two ginger ale cans?  But then I realized I wouldn't have a collection if I based my collecting on "what if," so I bought the can and now I can finally say I have a Howard Johnson's can in my collection.

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