Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Can Hunt

Trash by the parking lot
I was meeting some people yesterday in an old gravel parking lot.  As I backed my car into position to wait for them I noticed the edge of the lot was lined with trash.  And what do most people consider trash?  Aluminum cans.

So I got out of my car and started poking around among the old bags and bottles and cans.  It was as I figured, mostly beer cans.  And a lot of the cans had been there a while and their colors were faded.  Many of them had been crushed.

But I did manage to find two cans I didn't have!  One is a newer style Great Value (Walmart's house brand) Root Beer.  I had to check when I got home if I had it but I didn't yet.  The other was a can I'd never seen before... Mt Vess, obviously a Mt Dew clone.  Vess is one of my favorite brands to collect and out of the 77 Vess cans I had, none of them were a Mt Vess.  So this was a great find for me.

Who knew the Easter bunny would hide a couple cans I didn't have yet?  My first East can hunt had a hoppy ending.  I mean, happy ending.

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