Saturday, October 3, 2015

Last Weekend

Last weekend while running around with my sister, we were leaving the parking lot of a strip mall, trying to get back on a busy road.  While waiting for a break in traffic, I noticed a bright orange can lying in the grass close to a nearby sidewalk.  I may have said something like, "I sure wish I had that can."  So she jumped out of the car, ran over to the sidewalk and brought the can back to the car.  I was right, it was a new can for me.  It was a Monster Ultra Sunrise can.  It seems there are new Monster cans every week.  When I got home I cleaned the can real good and now it sits with almost a hundred other Monster cans in my collection.

And there was a Big Lots nearby so I had to go in there to check out their can selection.  I found a Starbucks Refresher with the new design, two different UP Time energy drink cans, and a small 5.5 oz can of Campbell's tomato juice.

Not bad for just running around town.


  1. Just wondering, how big is your basement? i'm sure you still have lot's of room for more cans but what hapends if you run out of room??!

  2. My collection is split, half of it is in the basement and the other half is in the garage. Most of the cans in the basement are stored in boxes by brand. So if I get a new A&W can for example, I pull out the A&W box and file the can away. The cans in the garage are in trays on shelves. I have shelves in the basement too. I haven't thought far enough ahead to when I might run out of space, but it'll be a while before that happens. I started my collection in my studio closet and now it's spread out in the basement and garage. Constant rearranging and new methods of storage are a must for any growing collection. It gets tricky.