Saturday, August 8, 2015

My Destiny

In September 2014, a video game company called Bungie (makers of the Halo game series) released a little game called Destiny on the Playstation and Xbox.  I was in a couple of the betas earlier in 2014 and I was there for Destiny's launch.  Next month, a new expansion is being released.  Bungie and Red Bull got together to promote the release by selling special "Destiny" cans that contain codes under the tabs.  You enter the code on Bungie's website and it gives you an in-game consumable that awards extra XP and it unlocks a special quest in the game that won't be available for everyone else until January 2016.  I love this game.

Blah-blah, right?  So I've been waiting to find a Destiny can to call my own.  They were exclusive to 7-Eleven stores in July, but the ones in my area aren't very convenient for me to get to.  I heard Walmart was getting them in August.  While at Walmart this morning, I found them!  They only had about 6-7 of the cans mixed in with the regular ones, but that was enough.  I grabbed one and now it sits in my collection.

So if you're on the PS4, look up the gamertag MuneMud and we can run a strike or do some patrols.  Or talk cans.


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    1. I have a gmail account, so I think there's a google+ with that but I've never messed with it. I'm not much on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

    2. hey buy the way have you herd or seen the green Red Bull can,
      I think it's the green edition one, im not shr though.

    3. I have not seen a green one. Sounds interesting. I'll have to watch for it...