Saturday, August 1, 2015

eBay Strikes Again

Last weekend my daughter looked up a couple of things to buy on Amazon for school.  I told her before I buy online there are a few different websites I check, including Amazon and eBay.  She had never been to eBay so I went there.  I told her she could look up anything and it's probably on there.  I tried to think of something crazy to look up but my mind went blank.  So as an example I typed in "bunch of soda cans."

And then I saw a listing of a seven can set from the 2002 movie Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.  Each can featured a different character from the movie.  And they were delivered to my house on Wednesday.

Gollum design
Introduced in September 2002, dnL was the "opposite" of 7up (including its name which is an upside-down "7up".)  It contained caffeine and had a stronger citrus taste than 7up.  It was discontinued in 2005.
original can

What made me push the "Buy It Now" button on this collection was the special dnL can.  I thought the original can was somewhat rare, but here was one with Gollum on it from the movie.  Wow, I HAD to have it!

I've resisted the temptation to look up cans on eBay for a long time because every time I look, I buy.  But if I hadn't looked this time, I wouldn't have this treasure in my collection now.

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