Thursday, November 15, 2012

Antique Shopping... Yet Again

Last Saturday, we did another one-day road trip checking out antique stores and flea markets we hadn't been to yet.  Overall it wasn't the best can hunt, but I did come home with a few new ones for my collection.

Holiday 2009 can
I saw my first can of the day at the third store we visited.  They had a Coca-Cola Holiday 2009 can which I didn't have.  The can was still full of soda and had no price tag.  So I asked how much it was and the lady working had no idea.  She asked what I'd give for it and I said, "A buck" and she said, "Sold!" 

Japanese Cokes
I found quite a few cans throughout the day but they were priced from $5 to $8 each, and I just don't pay that much for cans.  The next reasonably-priced cans I found were these two Coke cans sitting next to each other in a shop.  I assume they are Japanese (they both have JAS in a circle on them).  But the interesting thing is their size/shape.  They are 250ml, which equals 8.4oz, but they are tall and thin (similar to a Red Bull can).  So I bought both of them.

Sprite 2012 holiday can

One of the stores we went to was having an open house and Christmas sale event.  Just inside the front door they had tables of cookies, cakes, pies, donuts, and several crockpots with assorted cooking meats and there were crackers and breads.  All of it was free for their customers.  They really knew how to have an open house!!!  They also had a tub of soda for customers and that's where I found this 2012 Sprite holiday can.  Last week I blogged about finding this year's Coke holiday can, so now I've found Sprite's.

Cans are just one of the many things I watch for when "junking."  And even when the day doesn't turn up many cans, I still have a ball looking for the many other things that my wife rolls her eyes at.  So when are we going again?


  1. Nice japoneses coke cans

  2. Thanks! Although I have other Japanese cans, these are my first Japanese Coke cans.