Saturday, August 18, 2012

Coca-Cola Can Radio Offer

I went to a flea market today on the lookout for any old soda cans.  There are always a lot of soda bottles, but usually not many cans.  The only can I found worth buying was this Coca-Cola can.  After getting home, I dated the design to be around 1970-1971 (notice "caramel colored" written under the Coca-Cola logo).

But the reason I bought the can was because of the offer on the side of it, "Can radio... yours for only $5.95 with proof-of-purchase."  The offer ended on February 29, 1972, reinforcing that this can is probably from 1971-ish.

The reason I liked this "ad can" was because it's the first vertical ad on a Coke can I've seen.  I don't know how common or uncommon that is, but I thought it was pretty cool.

So what did I pay for it?  Well there was a plain Coke can next to this one.  I asked the guy how much they were and he said, "$3 each or both for $5."  I think I already had the other one, so I just wanted this one.  I said, "How about $2.50 for just this one?"  And he replied, "$2 and it's yours."  That's the first time a seller has bid me down.

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  1. My husband tore down our chimney today. It was an add on to the garage that was turned into extra house space early 1970's. It was made of cinder blocks and we actually found Coke cans just like this inside some of the blocks! There are two different ads on the side of them as well. One is for a cooler and one is for a sports jacket. Both say offer expires November 30, 1971.