Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Tour of My Collection

I still have around fifty cans that haven't been "processed" yet (meaning they haven't been added to the website or shelved/boxed with my other cans), but this is my collection as of today.

This is shelf #1.  It starts with 7Up and alphabetically goes thru some of the major brands thru Hi-C.

Note: the spaces have been left intentionally to allow for new cans to be added without having to shift other brands around.

This is shelf #2.  It starts with Hires root beer and goes thru some of the major brands thru the Walmart line of sodas.

Shelf #3 contains Sprite, Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Shasta.

Shelf #4 holds my Coke cans and short 8oz cans.

And these are two additional shelves. 

The gray ones on the left hold the soda brands that don't fit on shelves #1-4.  They are organized alphabetically in the trays.  The bottom shelf has six trays of foreign cans.

The black shelf on the right holds my large 16 oz cans, slim 8 oz cans and any other odd-sized cans.  This is where most of my energy and juice cans are.  I also have some 12-packs of soda on this shelf.

The boxes on the floor are cans I haven't added to the trays yet.

And now for the two overall shots of my collection:

Shelves #1 and #2

Shelves #3 and #4 and more

What I don't have pictured are my can sets such as the 7UP Bicentennial 50-can set, the 24-can Star Wars Pepsi set or the two 1970's RC sets of baseball player cans.


  1. Very nice collection :) And very nice blog. I come here everyday to check out new posts. :D

  2. The collection has become a LOT bigger than I originally intended. And since there's no end to the stories/news about cans, I'll keep trying to post at least once a week. Thanks for visiting the site!

  3. Hi There, Very nice collection. I'm 52 years old and just started up collecting soda cans soda bottle paper label pre. 1980. And aluminum soda bottles. I wanted to keep it down to a collectable collection and not to big, I'm running out of room now with my smaller shelves, I need to do wall shelves now. I have about 300 plus cans now 150 aluminum bottles and 40 paper label bottles. I'm in So Cal and looking for a few people to trade with I have some traders, There not perfect but in good condition. So if there's anyone out by me in So Cal Los Angeles, Ca. area email me at mark_perez323@yahoo.com Thanks Mark

  4. Hi There, Mark again, collecting soda cans. I forgot to mention I started collecting Beer Cans, Bottles, Trays, Coolers, Signs and everything beer. I was 9 years old in 1970 and started my collection. When I first started collecting I had some old timers that brought me some old and new beer cans to get started. Growing up my dad and family would take a different way on vacation every year to Indiana and Ohio to visit family, So I would hit the local stores and the shops there telling my dad I don't have that one. And hit all kinds of shops or the hotel woods to find more beer cans. Well by mid 80's I had over 7,500 beer cans 2,300 beer bottles and tons of signs coolers trays and a bunch of small stuff. I sold everything off in the late 90's. So no more beer collection just soda now. Thanks Mark