Sunday, April 15, 2012

On the Fence About Barq's New Look

A couple of months ago, a new look for Barq's Root Beer was announced.  One of the design changes was the addition of a diamond pattern in the background.  I actually like the new look and had been watching for a can to add to my collection, but the new design had evaded me...

Until today. 

New Barq's design

We were out on a walk and inside the schoolyard, lying up against the chain link fence, was a new Barq's Root Beer can. Now the problem was that the entire schoolyard is surrounded by a 5' tall chain link fence and the gates are locked when school's not in session.  I pulled at the bottom of the fence to try to reach my hand under it, but the bottom was buried a couple of inches underground and I wasn't about to start digging.  So, using two fingers on each hand to "walk" the can up the fence, I was able to get it to the top and reach over the top for it.  It was mine!!!  When I turned around to share the victory with my wife, she was about two blocks away.  For some reason she hadn't wanted to stick around to watch her husband fish a "piece of trash" from the schoolyard.  I jogged to catch up and when I showed her the cool new design, she responded with, "Whatever."

Whatever.  I won.

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