Sunday, March 4, 2012

Holy Moly! Part 2

Last May I posted a story on how I acquired a certain Diet Coke can from church.  Well guess what happened again this morning...

During our Sunday school lesson, just as Abraham was preparing to sacrifice his son per God's instructions, I noticed this diet Canada Dry can sitting in front of the same woman as in my previous story.  I'm glad I knew how the sacrifice turned out because my mind started to wander.  Should I hope she would throw it away so I could get it later?  Should I just go up to her and ask her for it?  What if she wasn't done yet?  Church really is full of questions.

Finally I decided to be up front and explain my situation.  So after class, I told her about my can collection and asked if I could have the can.  She laughed and gave it to me, no problem!  She said she's used to that because when she and her husband go anywhere, he's always looking at the bricks... he has a brick collection!  The wife of a collector.  A tough breed indeed.

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  1. A brick collection? I suddenly feel better about myself.