Friday, March 16, 2012

UK Steel

I have a few cans from the United Kingdom.  And I have a lot of old steel cans.  But I didn't have any steel cans from the UK... until now.

I have Coke cans and Pepsi cans and Fanta cans from several different countries.  It's neat to see the different designs of those brands from different countries.  But in this lot, these are old brands from the 70's that I've never heard of before.  That's the coolest thing to me about them. 

Man #1:  "Would you like a can of Vimto?  Or Cresta?  Or maybe some Budgen?" 
Man #2:  "No thanks.  But do you have any Pico?"

See?  I've never heard that conversation here in the States.  I like my new cans.

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