Monday, February 6, 2012

A Can from Down Under

Back in November I posted that my daughter's piano teacher was headed to Australia to visit family for a while.  Before she left I asked her to bring me a can from there since my collection lacked any Australian cans.  She recently returned and with her was this Coca-Cola Zero black beauty...

A quick glance at this can reveals it has seen better days, but it was a long trip to get here and it now suffers from permanent jet lag.

But beyond that, I first noticed the can is a little taller than the cans here in the States.  This can is 375ml which is about 12.7 oz.  Instead of calories, they list  it as "energy" coming in at 5.3kJ.  And there's a sweet little message which says, "Listen closely & hear the happiness being unleashed when you open this can."  Our cans don't have such pleasant instructions here in the States.

That's one more continent I've collected from.  So, is anyone going to Antarctica soon?

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